Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ann Hosford Smith's blog page about anything

Hello to a human somewhere,
Anyone with information on Hosford family members anywhere in the world is welcome to blog with me here. I am particularly interested in people sharing stuff about the Hosford family and relatives.

Hosfords all get together at Thanksgiving once a year in the small north Florida town of Hosford, 30 miles west of Tallahassee on State Highway 20. This town was founded in the 1800's by RF Hosford and many Hosfords still live there. Currently the circuit court judge of Liberty County (where Hosford is located) is Judge Kenneth L. Hosford, who is well-versed in family history and loves to discourse at length about it with anyone wanting to bend an ear. His equally knowledgeable brother, Russell Hosford, is the Chief Warden at the Liberty County Correctional Institute and is married to a lovely lady named Tiffany. They have a sister, Lisa Hosford Smith, who lives in Tallahassee. All are wonderful folks with good hearts, great children, and strong Christian beliefs. Ken and Russell are the main singers in a north Florida gospel group called "Fortress" and they perform all over the Southeast. They have professional CDs and have written some neat gospel songs of their own.

I am their double second cousin, Ann, who grew up in Tallahassee, and now have my own small "estate" in Hosford, known as the Plum Orchard. My husband, Billy Don, and I are building our home there on a small rise along the creek. After we're finished (next year hopefully) we welcome any Hosford or blood relative or spouse/child/grandchild of a Hosford, to stop by for a bit of refreshment and to share their lives and family history with us.

God shower His blessings on anyone reading this blog...